Capsoil food tech by Prodalim presents for the first time at Expo West in Anaheim California, USA

Mar 10, 2022

Prodalim has partnered with Capsoil to bring the next generation of self-emulsified powder technology to the market, allowing companies to innovate and easily bring new and exciting solutions to consumers.

and participate for the first time at the Expo West in the Anaheim convention center.

Capsoil FoodTech by Prodalim is a new company born out of a collaboration between Capsoil and Prodalim Group.
The new company led by experienced professionals in the food & beverage and supplement industries was established to bring to the market new solutions, developing an advanced method for incorporating oil-based nutrients into different products, allowing customers to innovate and generate new applications which were deemed imaginary.
Capsoil developed a technology has many benefits, including but not limited, to the following:
  • Self-emulsifying nano-emulsion leads to the water solubility
  • Better bioavailability (bioaccessibility & absorption)
  • High load of oil in powder
  • Clean production process – no use of solvents or heat also allows to maintain starting material nutrient content

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