Natural derivatives

Prodalim offers a wide variety of fruit derivatives for the F&B, Flavor, Fragrance, and other industries. These delicate ingredients are produced at our own facilities in the USA (FL), Brazil, Mexico as well as other locations around the world. The wide geographical distribution ensures an all-year-round consistent supply of all ingredients. Prodalim has access to over 1 million tons of fruit per year. The natural derivatives division leverages our access to the fruit, combined with a leading technical team to create natural fruit derivatives. *Organic & LAR’s are also available for the main categories. Citrus Oils, Essence Oils & Water Phase, FTNF Boosters, and Aroma.


A ground breaking proprieties technology that enables to collect, standardize and contntrate aromas from different side-streams and bring them to the highest quality. The technology will also allow us to provide wide solutions for wine, beer, and spirits, companies who wish to create dealcohozed drinks while preserving the origignal aromas.
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Learn more about the technology
Our offer of contract delocalization
Our offer of contract delocalization
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Natural Ingredients

Other fruits derivatives and fractions are available upon request Available packaging: Drums, ISO Tanks, Road Tankers, IBC.
Citrus oils

Extracted from the peel of the fresh & clean citrus fruit by physical means only, without any heat or chemical treatment. During the juice extraction, the fruit peel is being pressed and scratched. As a result, the natural oil is released from the peel and flushed
(separately from the juice) by water.
This oil/water emulsion goes through filtration and centrifugation to obtain a100 pure, natural, and cold-pressed oil, which after the dewaxing in marketable.

Types: Orange, Grapefruit white & red, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Tangerine (easy peelers)

Origins: Brazil, Spain, USA

Essence oils and water phase

When concentrating juice, evaporated water contains oil and water phases, are being recovered separately: oil phase and
water phase.
Types: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, lime.

Origins: Brazil, Spain, USA

FTNF Boosters

Our FTNF booster and fractions can help your FTNF products with the boost it needs or get to where you wanted to be.
Types: Orange, Grapefruit white & red, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Tangerine (easy peelers) and others

Origins: Brazil, Spain, USA


When concentrating juice, the juice's natural water is being evaporated. The evaporated water contains an aroma that is recovered.
Types: Apple, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, lychee, and others.

Origins: Brazil, USA, Spain