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To meet consumer's demand for juices that are healthy for both the body and the mind, Prodalim let's you customize juice products to your taste by choosing from a wide range of fruits. Our creative and experienced beverage development experts work hard to bring you tailor-designed fruit juices with various fruit content ranging from NFC fruit juice combinations, fruit juices from concentrate, with an healthy function as vitamins from the fruits. Reducing sugar consumption is a global task and Prodalim beverages with coconut water are not only rich in micronutrients but also attribute for healthier lifestyle without compromising on unparalleled natural indulgence. We offer a wide range of Juice combinations , compounds and ideas for beverage solutions with high fruit content and apply our expertise and individualized service to help you penetrate new markets, face new trends, and develop new products.


Pick one of our existing delicious fruity flavors or let’s create your own unique taste! Our portfolio of nectars are with no added sugar, and no artificial colors or artificial flavors and includes a wide range of fruits. We offer a wide range of raw materials, compounds and ideas for beverage solutions with different levels of fruit content Let our creative and experienced beverage development experts help you meet consumer's demand for nectars that are healthy for both the body and the mind. Allow us to apply our expertise and individualized service to help you penetrate new markets, face new trends, and develop new products.

Still Drinks

Put the creativity of our beverage solutions experts to the test and let us help you meet the growing demand for contrasting mixed flavors, herb-infused drinks and drinks containing high-quality fruity ingredients. Whether you are aiming for healthy, experimental or premium drinks, Prodalim's specialists in beverage and flavor development can help you design a tasty variety of fruit drinks—single fruit or multi fruit— to keep up with trends, match your customers' thirst for local flavors and demand for more natural options with no artificial colors, less sugar, and with loads of added vitamins, minerals, and even plant-based protein. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in different markets, trends and development and give joy to your senses.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Available as regular and low calorie, our new alternatives in carbonated drinks offer the same uncompromising and delicious freshness your customers have come to love but with a natural twist. We combine the nutritional and functional benefits of fruits to offer lemonade and other carbonated beverages , in reduced sugar options, with higher juice content, and natural infusions such as herbal extracts, all made with natural colors and ingredients.

Energy Drinks

A boost of energy with 20% fruit content. Take advantage of one of the fastest-growing beverage segments, and let our beverage solution experts tailor-design a delicious energy drink that your customers will love. Whether as a mental boost to cope with everyday stress, as a cool party drink, a caffeine kick or a simple indulgence, our energy drinks will quench your thirst for action and excitement, as well as for a healthy lifestyle. Our delicious energy drinks use natural ingredients, have no artificial flavors, higher juice content, less sugar, no artificial colors and no GMO. Now you can get real energy and real, natural ingredients without compromising either.


Created for the whole family to enjoy a wide variety of delicious fruit-based flavors with the convenience of a syrup. Our fruit-based, dilutable syrups are available in various concentration levels and come in a wide range of flavors including orange, pineapple , lemon & lime, as well as a variety of mixed flavors. Premium flavors such as peach-passion or apple-pear-elderflower and other exotic mixes with gentle floral aromas and purely organic ingredients are also available to help you meet demand for more natural ingredients. This beverage category is popular amongst families with children, whether at home or on-the-go, as well as with the foodservice industry. Hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments can benefit from our cost-effective cocktail premixed syrups in a bag or box and serve them diluted as a beverage, mixed in cocktails and trendy drinks, or as a fruit additive on ice-cream desserts and yoghurts. Our beverage and flavor experts can work with you to develop tailor-made solutions so you can impress your customers with delightful taste experiences. As a global company knowledgeable in market trends and new developments, we are your ideal partner in the production of beverage solutions.

Our capbilities

Our brand new compound factory and R&D facility in Rotterdam are centers of innovation and excellence with a skilled team of R&D & New and advanced equipment



Our experienced team creates and produces tailormade compounds that meet current market demands and our customers expectations.

Juices and Purees

Flavors, Colors, and Extracts

Functional ingredients i.e. proteins, vitamins and minerals

Sweeting solutions

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Quality Control

All facilities are GFSI certified.

  • FSSC 22000 / IFS 6.1
  • Kosher (on request)
  • Halal (on request)
  • Organic


We think always for what is next, allow us to share with our customers.

  • Global trend tracking
  • Online research
  • Assortment analysis
  • Crop updates

Lab Info

In our lab we preform the following procedure:

  • Analytics.
  • Regulatory
  • Sensory
  • Shelf life testing