Meet the team of juice aficionados behind Prodalim.
We are a global team with a diverse set of skills, working across every market around the world.
We enjoy what we do, and operate together to perform magic for our customers, from processing to manufacturing and supplying our products around the world.
We are one!

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Braulio Travieso
Logistics Coordinator
Karina Nemirovski
Operational Buyer
Jack (Xuesong) Pu
Zak Stern
Global Key Accounts Director
Juanjo Martinez
Logistic Technician
Omer Abulafya
Key Account Manager North America
Andrea Rico
Customer Service Representative
Nili Koniak
Category Compounds Director
Thomas Pellegrini
Site Manager and Head of Logistics
Idan Rosenfeld
Operational buyer
Renana Kadar
Ronit Alkabes
Customer Service Representative
Hugo García Balaguer
Sales Manager / Customer Center
Sam Khadar
Logistics Coordinator
Allen Caba
Production Leader
Ainoa Maranon
HR Coordinator
Zeynep Zeren
QC Laborant-Global Sampling Team
Carlos Anton
Logistic Manager
Lucia Piras
Customer Service Representative
Elvira Bikova
Customer Service Representative
Tsahi Berezovsky
Svetlana Lodman
Senior FP&A Analyst
Valentina Lubrano
Logistic Coordinator
Shay Kfir
Global Finance Director\Corporate Controller
Paula Peña
ND Lab coordinator
Trinh Pham
ND QA and R&D Analyst
Juan Sebastian Diaz
Key Account Manager North America
Stephan Stark
Customer Service Representative
Ezinne Madakonam
Office Admin
Deeya Kashyap
Product Developer
Allisson Villalba
Quality Control Laborant
Sigal Lilienthal
Global QA Manager
Michael Abramov
Group Treasurer
Douglas Noriega
Maintenance Technician
Alicia Ruiz
Labaratory Technician
Assaf (Assi) Jakubovicz
Marketing Director
Gil Gellert
IT Manager
Lona Ruiz
ND Purchasing Specialist
Francesca Blasi
Operational Buyer
Rina Flumenboim
Categories Technical Director
Nicoli Bermejo
Global ND Specialist
Darrin Monroe
New Jersey Site Manager
Andreas (Andy) Papp
Chief Category & Procurement officer
Ysabel Barrios
QA Lab Technician
Robert Lalji
Senior Operator
Tamana Nastoh
Finance Manager
Svitlana Liakh
Quality Control Laborant
Ido Rosenthal
Jacqueline Bonet
NCA Procurement Team Lead
Miguel Angelo Martins Quessada
Industrial Manager
Julio Pacheco
Production Operator
Nuno Rodrigues
Business Development & Sales Director APAC / MEA
Carlos Vera
Maintenance Technician
Niv Ben Yehuda
Natural Derivatives President
Fabio Augusto Tuon
Martina Arnaldi
Procurement Coordinator
Steve Harden
Production Operator
Fiyah Begeer
HR Administrator
Diana Sokolovsky
Noach Berezovsky
Founder & President
Tsur Hen
Global Procurement Director
Bonita Ann Smith
Customer Service Representative
Aparecido Marconato
Purchasing Director of Fruit
Anat Even-Chen
Sustainability Manager
Shwan Ahmad
Junior Production Operator
Joseph Pilleggi
Maintenance Technician
Cecilia Sancho
Procurement Coordinator
Pamela Esteban
Lab Technician
Heraldo Haynes
Production Supervisor
Tom Vaida
Senior Product Developer & Master Blender Compounds
Dan Barkan
NCA Finance Director
Aad Clement
Vice President Operations
Emily Martinez
Procurement Coordinator
Keneth Habimana
Production Operator
Carlos Calderon
Winter Garden Site Manager
Zahra Sharif Movahhed
Racheli Zarivatch
Alex Strauss
Global Logistic Coordinator
Fabio Michelan
Fruit Buyer
Gianluca Cappelli
Key Account Manager Italy & East Europe
Elvira Guerrero
Quality Manager & Masterblender, ND Operations Manager Iberia
Sandra Gutierrez
Assistant Controller
Bharath Surajbali
Production Operator
Jay Patel
Quality Control Manager
Karin Marciano
FP&A Analyst
Michal Rosen
Procurement Coordinator
Yafit Davidman
Guy Golovey
Director of Planning & Supply Chain
Eliezer Daniel
ND Blender Operator
Juergen Scholz
Senior Area Manager Central Europe
Amnon Salhov
Ferdinand Rotter
Sales Director Central & North Europe
María Sol Almerich
Site Manager and Head of Lean Management
Steven Geensen
Rotterdam Site Manager
Veronica Del Rio
Customer Service Representative
Hassane Abas
Production Operator
Janieli Silva
Fruit Contract Specialist
Natalia Araya
Accounts Payable
Lin Tzadikaryo
Junior FP&A Analyst
Francesco Santerini
Finance Manager
Osman Wang
Regional Director China
Shani Yoreh
Director FP&A and Business Strategy
Lianne Heutink
Global sampling team and Compounds operations coordinator
Matan Dashevesky
Laura Morales McLeron
Quality Control Laborant
Rafael Gomez
Production & Maintenance Manager, DeAlc Project Manager Iberia
Tatiana Zira
Junior Product Developer
Adrian Rodriguez
Specialist Production Operator
Meirav Schwartz
Head of Customer Service
Jose Bozzelli
Fruit Buyer
Danny Xu
Logistics Specialist
Maria Mazon
Suppliers QA specialist
Dan Shalev
Customer Service Representative
Yael Ozer
Francisco De Borja Abargues
Customs Technician
Alejandro Martinez
QA Supervisor
Eran Herzog
Luis Gagliardi
FP&A Manager
Cynthia Santa Anna
Export Analyst
May (Yao) Fu
HR Coordinator
Emil Davidi
Managing Director Rauner & Global Logistics Director
Eliezer Rivera
ND Lab Technician
Chen Sasson
Global Logistics Coordinator
Cesar Suarez
Maintenance Manager
Tomer Shalom
SBO Implementer
Russell Strickland
Maintenance Technician
Jose Solera
Production Operator
Chico Okhionkpamwionyi
Junior Production Operator
Ran Harpaz
General Legal Counsel
Jose Roberto Spiegel
Procurement Coordinator
Aviv Rahav
HR Admin & Executive Assistant
Reynaldo Benitez
Finance Director
Ori Parush
Senior Project Director
Kelly Canterini
Customer Service Representative
Matt Konopasek
Logistics Manager
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Here at Prodalim, we can provide you with a variety of solutions for your beer, from a whole world of juice ingredients that we can offer you to different natural aromas and even solutions for de-alcoholization so that you can expand your product portfolio.

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Come and add excitement to your water,
We at Prodalim offer a variety of solutions for the fortified water category, from complete concepts that meet the latest trends in the market, see how you can enrich your drink with different fruit flavors, aromas and many other functions,

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Our solution for Water industry:

Unlock a world of opportunities in the Juice Industry with Prodalim, your committed partner for innovative solutions.
Whether you are seeking a thrilling new juice sensation or developing new concepts in your markets, or hoping to enhance your product range, Prodalim is your reliable ally on the road to success.
Prodalim is dedicated to helping grow your brand, from creating unique concepts to supplying high-quality juice ingredients such as juice concentrate, natural aromas, and more.

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Prodalim‘s natural product range is based on fermented juices. The combination of all natural ingredients together with well-accepted fruity cocktail flavors make a colourful and eyecatching range of fruit wines. 

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Carbonated Soft Drinks

Prodelim offers a variety of natural solutions that will elavate your Fizzy lovable product. Enter and learn how we can be your partner in the development of new products that meet the most current trends in the market

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Our solution for Carbonated Soft Drinks industry:
Sport & Energy Drinks

A healthy diet is complementary to a healthy lifestyle and sports drinks are an active part of maintaining this routine.
enter to learn about Prodalim's ultimate solutions for active consumers - from sports concepts to other natural ingredients and aromas that  can benefit a sporty lifestyle

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Our solution for Sport & Energy Drinks industry:
Ice Cream

Fruity, delicious, refreshing and most importantly frozen. Prodelim provides a variety of natural solutions for the ice cream industry, from different fruit and juice ingredients to natural aromas and different solutions.

Come and learn what solutions we can provide

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Our solution for Ice Cream industry:
Baby Food

Our babies deserve the best. Let's explore the natural solutions that Prodel can provide in the nutrition of newborns and children
Fruits and natural ingredients have always been important in the nutrition of the first period of life and which form the best basis for the child's development.

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Our solution for Baby Food industry:
Dairy & Dairy Alternative

Prodalim developed different natural solutions for the dairy alternative market, our range of plant-based drinks with high percent of juice content, served as Smoothie or Morning Drink  drive innovation in the dairy alternative market!

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Our solution for Dairy & Dairy Alternative industry:

Whether at a romantic dinner, a party, or even a quiet evening at home, a  cocktail and spirits are suitable for any occasion!
Prodalim presents its solutions for spirits. from a delicious unique line of cocktails developed to fit the right spirit, to de-alcoholization solutions, enter to find out more.

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Jam & Marmalade

Prodelim offers a variety of natural solutions that will lift your product portfolio. Enter and learn how we can be your partner in the suppling natural fruit ingredients  to your products.

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Our solution for Jam & Marmalade industry:

Discover a new world of opportunities with different natural solutions for your product portfolio, from juice ingredients, natural aromas to other solutions

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Fruits are nature's original sweets, so it is clear that the use of natural fruit ingredients will continue to be part of the industry. nter to find out more.

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Come and learn how the Prodalim  solutions  can help you in your creation for natural sauces with a clean label meeting consumer trend and market demand  

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Our solution for Confectionery industry: