Global Sourcing

At Prodalim we take great pride in being able to provide a steady supply of products to fulfill our customers’ specifications and contracts. This is achieved with efficient stock turnover, good business relations and trust along the supply chain.
Prodalim works with over 100 growers in 35 countries.
We choose our sources carefully and have developed years of valued relations with growers and producers around the world whom we consider our true partners.

Our end-customers know that we can acquire the specific raw materials they need in a timely and professional manner.

Global sourcing, together with 40,000 m of storage in Europe and 24/7 customer service, allow our customers to rest assured that their iequirements will be promptly met by Prodalim.
We want our customers to focus on bottling with peace of mind while we do the rest. This is why we can proudly say that in 30 years of business 100% of our contracts were fully met.
As part of our growth, Prodalim is constantly looking for new business partners.