FCOJ Production

After years of accumulating knowledge, experience and advising on production sites,
blending facilities and traders in the juice industry, we decided to take our professional
knowledge to the next level and enter into the production sector of the supply chain.

As citrus specialists, the orange  market was a natural choice for us.

Integration of production, exclusive agreements and blending capabilities places Prodalim
as one of the rising forces in the FCOJ market in Brazil.
Brazil is the source of over 50% of orange juice in the world.

Production site: GOTA DOCE – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Founded in Brazil with local partners, GOTA DOCE is an orange
and lemon  processing factory located in the south central region of Sao Paulo State,
in the middle of the Sao Paulo´s citric-belt.

The factory processes about 4.5 million boxes of fruit annually, which translates into
18,000 tons of orange concentrate , 650 tons of orange oil and more than 300 tons of lemon juice concentrate and lemon oil.

Gota Doce products are being sold exclusively through Prodalim Group.

GOTA DOCE holds the following quality certificates: HACCP • SGF International •
Rainforest Alliance • Kosher

Exclusive Marketing Agreements:

FRUCAMP (Brazil)
Frucamp Indústria e Comércio Ltda – A Brazilian cooperative located in the state of Sao Paolo.
The cooperative consists of 41 orange growers, united under one factory.
Production site for juices and essential oils  from oranges and lemons.
CISOL (Brazil)
The Cisol do Brazil is a Brazilian production company for juices and essential oils
from lemons and oranges that was founded by two families who have over 40 years of experience with production and commercialization of citrus fruit.