Another significant advantage is Prodalim’s global diversification including sourcing
from over 100 growers in 35 countries which allows us great flexibility in offering tailor-made blending formulas.
We can offer blending from various origins, different product types and different crop stages.

Over the years our business model has allowed us to gain extensive experience in the blending
sector and offer a wide variety of products with no compromises and maximum stability.

Prodalim Blending Products:
•          Tailor-made blends
•          Citrus blends
•          Tropical blends
•          Blends with added aroma

Prodalim has three in-house blending facilities to fulfill all our customers’ blending requirements.

Rotterdam Coldstores:

Our main distribution site for European customers.

Prodalim Spain- Iberia S.L

The facility was incorporated in 2014 and began operation in July 2015 as a storage and blending
facility serving our business partners located in the southern part of Europe.
Located in Alcasser, 18 kilometers from the port of Valencia the storage/blending facility was built to improve the Group’s efficiency and customer experience.
The Plant has 3,600 sq. m. of storage space (Frozen and Ambient), 3 re-drumming/filling lines and a quality control lab.

·         Capacity – storage of 7,500 tons
·         Blending 50,000 tons annually
·         A certified bonded warehouse

I.F.B. (International Food Business), Livorno Italy

Incorporated in 1994, I.F.B. has been managed by Prodalim Group since 2015.
I.F.B. the only blending station in Italy, is the most significant supplier of pineapple  juice concentrate and multi-fruits in Italy.

The facility is strategically situated near the port of Livorno, Italy to efficiently cater to the Italian market and other customers in the surrounding Mediterranean region.

The Plant has – 3,500 sq. m. of storage rooms between -18 Celsius and Ambient, 2 re-drumming/filling lines, a quality control lab and an R&D department.

·         Capacity: Storage, 8,500 tons • Blending, 25,000 tons annually
·         A certified bonded warehouse
·         Customs clearance for import and export