Strong Foundations



Since 1987, Prodalim Group offers the finest quality of products and services.
Our group consists of five global companies for maximum all-around coverage.

At Prodalim we make sure to be up-to-date on market trends, in order that we can meet all our customers’
requirements and provide 360° solutions for their success. Our services extend from:
citrus juice production to logistic services and R&D laboratories.
We maintain sourcing, developing, manufacturing, blending, storing and distribution capabilities.

In order to facilitate our customers’ requirements, Prodalim
has the following facilities:

Citrus Juice Production

Gota Doce, Sao Paulo Brazil Prodalim production site for FCOJ and Lemon Juice Concentrate

Blending Stations and Laboratory Services:

Prodalim Iberia ISL, Spain, Valencia
Prodalim BV, Netherlands
Prodalim Italy srl, Livorno Italy

Trading Houses

Prodalim BV, Netherlands Rotterdam
Prodalim International LTD, Malta