• Dr. Noach Berezovsky and the late Mrs. Fanny Berezovsky established
Prodalim Group – an International Trading and Technical Consultancy Company with the aim
of bringing the best solutions to the bottling companies around the world in terms of
product quality, efficiency, personal service and costs.
• Prodalim B.V. is established in Europe, accommodating for direct and efficient connection with the local markets.
• Prodalim Group represents CTM Brazil (for Orange) and Citrex Argentina (for Lemon).

• Advisory to the Cuban government that leads to productive coope ration whereby
Prodalim receives 100% exclusive marketing on all citrus production ex Cuba worldwide.
• Prodalim substantially expands its independent trading activities by
partnering with major assembly lines and significantly increasing its stocks in Rotterdam, Netherlands storage facility.

• First steps in the Pineapple market.
In order to fulfil its customers’ requirements according to EU quality, Prodalim expends purchasing
globally and initiating Pineapple blends.
• Prodalim expends its’ supplier base worldwide, including Thailand, Costa Rica, China,
Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam and more.

• Prodalim becomes one of the three biggest suppliers of pineapple in Europe.
• Prodalim signs an exclusive marketing agreement with Gota Doce, Brazil to distribute its orange
and lemon products.
• Prodalim Iberia, a cold storage and blending facility, established in Spain to create an efficient supply chain,
for the South European customers.
• Prodalim enters into a joint venture with I.F.B (International Food Business), Livorno,
cold storage and blending facility located in Livorno, Italy.
• Prodalim signs an additional two exclusive agreements FCOJ production sites in Brazil, Frucamp and Cisol