Our Mission

Prodalim is an industry leader in the supply of quality fruit juice products,
stable and sustainable sources.
We grow and succeed through professionalism, innovation and excellent service.
We are guided by the values of fairness, integrity and reliability.


– Respect our contracts regardless of circumstances
– Support our suppliers and customers and help them grow with us
– Give all of our business partners the most professional and timely service
– Ensure that the quality of our product is of the highest standard
– Work and think as long term partners for both our customers and suppliers



As a company in continuous growth, Prodalim aspires to constantly develop, improve and
We strongly believe that entrepreneurship requires thinking outside the box, innovation,
risk taking and a strong commitment to a vision.
Prodalim group is in a continuous process of improvement that is manifested in increased
production and blending capacities, improved logistics solutions, development of new and
improved products and services at the highest level. Prodalim is working day in and day
out to find new ways to create greater values for it’s customers.


Prodalim operates with full integrity, honesty and loyalty towards its customers, suppliers
and various partners. Since its foundation, Prodalim has established a reputation of a
company you can count on every step of the way. Despite all the fluctuations and
changes in the market it maintains and will retain this status.


Quality is at the heart of Prodalim. The company puts its customers and their needs at the
center and works continuously to improve the quality of its products and its quality control.
Prodalim’s quality is reflected throughout its value chain – from the quality of its suppliers’
and the raw material they provide, through the creation of accurate products standard
according to customers’ requirements while maintaining high product quality consistently
throughout the year.


At the core of Prodalim lies the concept of partnership. Partnership is above all and is the
foundation of the company’s growth and success.
In-house, Prodalim considers its employees full partners and works continuously to
improve their rights, working conditions, for personal and professional growth.
Prodalim business partners are full partners – Prodalim’s growth is their growth and vice
versa. As such, they deserve uncompromising service: availability, efficiency,
professionalism and excellent interpersonal communication with Prodalim’s staff.
The company operates with full transparency to its partners, while supporting them and striving for
their success.